PhD Concert Jan Schacher

PhD concert

April 18 2017 (20h00)

On Tuesday April 18 Jan Schacher presented the artistic outcomes of his research project in a concert at deSingel in Antwerp.

> Watch the video here

Music moves us, not just metaphorically, but also through the body. Central to this project is the role of the body and perception in our engagement with the world and the corporeal presence and the perceptual capabilities of the musical performer. The goal is an understanding of musical performance practices centred around the body. This is approached by investigating physical performing through the lenses of the body, the instrument, and the performer's awareness, sensations, and perceptions. Musical performance is seen as a cultural activity with transformational power and improvisation as a mode of playful engagement with the `new', the unmarked space, memory, and awareness. This artistic research project focuses on my practice of electronic music performance with movement- and gesture-based sound actions, but also openform, exploratory forms of performance that emphasise interaction between dance and music as well as listening to open spaces.