New CD Marco Fusi

29 March 2021

Marco Fusi's new album "Giacinto Scelsi - works for violin and for viola", published by KAIROS, presents listeners with the results of a newly elaborated performance practice of these works, based on archival research, in-depth audio analysis, computer-generated animated scores and extensive exploration of instrumental improvisatory techniques. The liner notes accompanying the album offer detailed insights into the research process leading up to the recording.

This publication is the result of Marco Fusi's PhD research at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen and the UAntwerpen (docARTES programme), with the support of KCA's research cluster CREATIE and Orpheus Instituut.

The unique creative process of Giacinto Scelsi forces the musician to rediscuss and redefine their agency and artistic engagement while performing his music. Moving away from traditional roles and systems of communication, his improvisatory approach to composition and his disregard for written music encourages performers to develop new strategies for interpretation.