Chordal Accompanimental Practices on viol from intabulation to realisation

Harry Buckoke
Musician type:
aesthetics, historical performance practice, intabulation, performance as research, viola da gamba
Started in 2021



Harry’s research work looks at the techniques and influence of chordal and polyphonic accompaniment on viola da gamba in the sixteenth century. Research methods include intabulations of works by composers linked to this manner of performance (Dalla Viola, De Bercherm, Tiburtino etc.), on viol and lirone, and analysis of the few sources detailing the practice. 

The project builds towards an understanding of how the instrument and its possibilities influence these adaptations both in terms of the structure (what notes are actually played) and manner of performance. This includes examining the instrument’s vocal but non-verbal properties and the aesthetic consequences of using an instrument as a proxy voice (or voices), removing language and incorporating multiple voices as one musician.