Composing with contact-piezo microphones

Daniela Fantechi
concrete sound, contact-piezo microphones, details, proximity, unconventional electronics
Started in 2017



My research concerns the composition of instrumental music implemented with a specific use of contact-piezo microphones. Piezo microphones are low cost and low fidelity microphones that can be easily used to disclose and amplify sounds coming from instruments. The development of a peculiar use of this technology will be oriented to emphasize concrete aspects of instrumental sound and to work on the coexistence of traditional and unconventional sounds. The low-fidelity quality of these microphones will allow to highlight interesting aspects of proximity of sounds. The consequent and peculiar attention to the details of sound will lead to a closer way of listening. The choice of the piezo microphones represents also an unconventional approach to the electronics: the composer can easily build his/her own piezo microphones, according to the specific needs of each piece.