Indeterminacy and Fixedness

A Systematic Approach Towards the Merging of Indeterminate and Predeterminate Materials in Composition

Ilya Ziblat Shay
Supervising team:
Prof. Frans de Ruiter (promotor), Richard Barrett (promotor), Bob Gilmore (promotor)
Musician type:
composer, strings
composition, fixed, indeterminacy, systematic approach
Started in 2011
20th century music



The research examines the integration of Indeterminate music elements and fixed music elements in composition. 

A systematic approach is suggested, which regards these two components as relating to two different classes, or as two opposing forces. The balance between the two elements is analyzed in existing scores and music (of western music, starting after Second World War until today). This balance also functions as the key approach in composing new works which deal with the subject.