Transcription and the Role of Memory

Giuliano Bracci
Supervising team:
Prof. Frans de Ruiter (1st promotor)
Musician type:
composition, cultural heritage, memory, tradition, transcription
Started in 2015
16th century music, 17th century music, 20th century music, 21st century music



At a time where repertoire from different ages and places is readily accesible, the perception of heritage and tradition has been deeply transformed. Aesthetic choices and orientations are strongly related to themes such as the relationship with the past, cultural heritage, and narratives related to both collective and individual memory.

The subject of Bracci's research is memory and the role that it plays in contemporary music today. A specific music practice where memory, heritage and tradition play a key role is the transcription. His work as a composer will be a central and substantial tool for his research. He plans to write transcriptions and new pieces to actively investigate his research subject through his own compositional practice. He wishes to carry on the theoretical perspective of his research and to realise a series of articles, possibly including interviews with composers, performers and musicologists.