Every doctoral student has one supervisor with appropriate research expertise and interests. Thanks to international collaboration, docARTES can rely on a Europe-wide team of supervisors covering a diverse range of musical specialisms.

The directing supervisor and specialists are appointed by the docARTES board in consultation with the student at the beginning of the doctoral programme. The supervising panel usually consists of:

  • A directing supervisor, who has the final responsibility for the student's work. The directing supervisor may be supported by specialists.
  • An academic and an artistic specialist: these experts provide feedback on artistic and academic aspects of the research project

Supervision involves a binding cooperation between the student, directing supervisor and specialists at all stages of the research project, from the development of the first drafts of the project until its final presentation (concerts, publication, etc.). The tasks of the directing supervisor and specialists is to monitor this research project and provide feedback. The student however is responsible for the progress of his/her own research project.

The supervision is based on a transparent, contractual framework of shared responsibilities. Therefore, the supervision is formalised via a written study contract. It is entered into by the doctoral student and the docARTES board. It sets out the mutual rights and obligations of the parties and takes into account both the general university guidelines for doctoral research and the specific guidelines for a doctorate in creative and performing arts.