docARTES is een doctoraatsprogramma voor uitvoerders en componisten. Het biedt een unieke omgeving voor kritische reflectie op de muzikale praktijk.

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Music, Humans, and Machines

Orpheus Doctoral Conference 2019


This conference explores musician’s long relationship with their instruments and instrumentalities, questioning issues of autonomy and agency in the apparent dichotomy between tools and musical expression. 

Tickets now on sale.

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Free online course

Orpheus Instituut

First MOOC on Artistic Research in Music now online

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The Orpheus Institute has launched its first MOOC on Artistic Research in Music. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a free online course available for anyone to enroll. The first MOOC on Artistic Research in Music offers an introduction to the most relevant research tools, techniques and methodologies as well as the key concepts of artistic research in music. The course is available on edX, which is the leading platform for online learning and education.

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