Frans Preumayr's nineteenth century virtuosic bassoon repertoire

An approach with a fine Grenser & Wiesner bassoon from Dresden: Issues of material and technique

Donna Agrell
Prof. dr. h.c. Ton Koopman (promotor), prof. Frans de Ruiter (co-promotor), dr. Martin Kirnbauer (co-promotor)
Type musicus:
bassoon, grenser & wiesner, preumayr, swedish composers
19de eeuwse muziek



What techniques and tools must be developed by period bassoonists in order to successfully approach the performance of Frans Preumayr's virtuosic repertoire?

"A Very Fine Eleven-Keyed Stained Maple Bassoon by H. Grenser & Wiesner, Dresden, circa 1825" - as titled in an entry in a London auction catalogue - is one of the few surviving examples of a complete period bassoon with all its parts, offering valuable information for both period instrument builders and players today.

This research project is based specifically on the unique opportunity that the Grenser & Wiesner instrument presents us with: an investigation of early nineteenth century bassoon works written for the Swedish virtuoso Frans Preumayr by composers such as Franz Berwald and Bernhard Henrik Crusell.

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8 december 2015 (13u45)

Doctoraatsverdediging Donna Agrell

Op dinsdag 8 december verdedigde Donna Agrell haar doctoraat Repertoire for a Swedish Bassoon Virtuoso. Approaching early nineteenth-century works composed for Frans Preumayr with an original Grenser & Wiesner bassoon aan de Universiteit Leiden.