Alberto Piovesan

Started in: 2022
Musician type: wind
University: Leuven University
Personal website: alberto-piovesan
Nationality: Italy

After obtaining his first diploma at the Conservatory of Trieste, in 2021 Alberto majored in early music/historical flutes at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He then moved to Belgium, joining Bruno Forment's cluster group Resounding Libraries at the Orpheus Instituut of Ghent, having the opportunity to work at the Ton Koopman's collection. Adopting moving images, culturally informed practice of Eighteenth-century music, and multimedia storytelling as his primary forms of media, Alberto's practice is informed by contact with sociological and anthropological concepts, such as borderlands, minorities, migration, identity, and multiculturalism, subjects he encountered throughout his previous studies in Politics and Diplomacy at the University of Padova. After a successful selection process, in 2022 Alberto became doctoral researcher in Bruno Forment's cluster group.


"Transmedia Borderlands" - Extending the potential of Historically informed Practice and Multimedia Storytelling in Practice-based Research

Started in 2022

Alberto's current research aims to create resonance between the present and the past, studying the dialogue generated by multilevel narratives in relation to the fluidity of cultures.