Frequently Asked Questions

Application and admission

When is the next application deadline?

The yearly application deadline is January 15 (to start the doctoral curriculum in September).

Where can I find the application form and guidelines?

The docARTES application form and guidelines can be downloaded here.

Am I required to secure a supervising director or specialist before applying to the docARTES programme?

No. It is not necessary to secure a supervising director or specialist before admission to the program. If you have not spoken directly to docARTES or its partners at the time of application, simply leave that particular application question blank. 

Can I contact docARTES to inquire about my preparation or research proposal in advance of my application?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. 

Can I re-apply for the docARTES programme?

Yes. Candidates who submitted an application and were not offered admission may re-apply but not for the same academic year.


Is attendance to the docARTES sessions compulsory?

Yes, every student should have attended 8 intro sessions and 8 focus or event sessions at the end of the doctoral curriculum. Only 1 absence is allowed.

How long does a PhD take?

The required curriculum and research work for a PhD takes four years. The performance of thesis research, and defense of the final thesis usually take 12 to 18 months at a minimum. It is reasonable to expect to take four to five years to complete the PhD.

Which students study for a PhD in the arts?

Doctoral students come from a variety of backgrounds. Their most important distinguishing features are an eagerness to discover new things and an aptitude for research methods, experiments and writing. More than half of the students are international. The number of first-year students is small and select. New students interact with doctoral students in all years and also with researchers at the Orpheus Research Centre with common interests. 

Am I required to live in Ghent/Belgium?

No, as your attendance is only required at the compulsory sessions (8 sessions in the intro year and 8 sessions in the following focus years).