Open call for one doctoral artist-researcher

Geplaatst op 03 Nov 2017

This open call is intended for musicians with an outstanding artistic record, with strong research skills, and transdisciplinary interests.
The Doctoral researcher will be part of the core team of the research cluster MusicExperimentX: Transdisciplinary Encounters in and Beyond Music, hosted at the Orpheus Institute and led by the Principal Investigator Paulo de Assis. The Doctoral researcher will be an active collaborator of the project MusicExperimentX, participating in the development of its subprojects and in further related activities. The Selection Committee particularly welcomes applications that clearly address some of the key underlying topics of this project.
The Doctoral researcher will also follow the docARTES doctoral programme to pursue a doctoral degree.
The position of Doctoral researcher includes enrolment in the doctoral programme docARTES, doctoral supervision, workspace and integration into a groundbreaking research project. S/he will follow and participate in the diverse activities that the MusicExperimentX project generates, as well as in the sessions and activities of the docARTES doctoral curriculum.

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