PhD Concert Marina Liontou-Mochament - Expanded inspiration: metric improvisation and tools for composition in contemporary modal music

Geplaatst op 10 Oct 2023

Marina phd defence
On October 17, 2023, Marina Liontou-Mochament will be giving a public concert as part of her doctoral defence.

The performance by Marina Liontou-Mochament (oud) and Asineth Fotini Kokkala (kanun) will present improvised and pre-composed music, direct outcomes of Liontou-Mochamen's work in metric improvisation. By employing rhythmic tools suggested by the artists in their performances, the works propose an artistic meta-comment on the research. They range from ‘traditional’ style to contemporary modal music style, and seen in retrospect, they constitute Liontou-Mochament's artistic response to the route of the oud from the early post-Ottoman era to the 21st century.