PhD symposium and concert Heloisa Amaral - Working With Frictions

Geplaatst op 27 Feb 2023

Heloisa Amaral Ph D DEFENCE
On November 16, 2022 Heloisa Amaral contributed to the symposium 'Working with Frictions' , followed by a concert which was part of her doctoral defense.

In artistic creation and research, there are times when one encounters conflicts, resistance, constraints or apparently unresolvable oppositions. These may have to do with practical circumstances, the weight of tradition, the meeting of different writing or performance styles, the need to label one’s practice within well-established but insufficient categories, etc. What to do in such situations?

On 16 November, the Lectorate for Music, Education and Society and the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University invite you to a symposium in which artists and researchers from different artistic disciplines discuss ways of engaging with friction. Methods and strategies emerge, spanning from eradicating, ignoring or subverting a problematic element, finding compromises, integrating differences, or using friction as the main theme of their art. Students, KC-teachers and other interested participants are welcome to follow the discussion and contribute with their own experiences.

Contributors: Anke Haarmann (University of Leiden and KABK), Daniel Leech-Wilkinson (King’s College London), Anna Scott (University of Leiden and Royal Conservatoire The Hague), Jan Martin Smørdal (Ensemble neoN), Lucia D’Errico (Mozarteum University), Gabriel Paiuk (University of Leiden and Royal Conservatoire The Hague), Rachel Beckles (University of Leiden and Soas), Inge van de Ven (Tilburg University), Kathryn Cok (Royal Conservatoire The Hague), Felix Schlarmann (Royal Conservatoire The Hague). Moderation by Paul Craenen and Heloisa Amaral.

The symposium is introduced by a performance by Ensemble neoN (NO). The concert is part of the doctoral defense of KC-lecturer Heloisa Amaral, whose dissertation ‘Mediating from Within’ explores the musical and curatorial opportunities of performing classical music along with environmental noise, instead of against a background of silence.

The symposium and concert will take place in Studio 1, beginning with coffee and artistic presentations at 18:00, followed by the concert. The estimated end time is 21:30. The programme is free to attend without registration.

Image credit: Ellen Inga/Impossible Situations