Anıl Çamcı

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Started in: 2010
End date: 2014
Musician type: composer, other
University: Leiden University
Personal website:
Nationality: Turkey

Anıl Çamcı is an Istanbul-based composer of electronic music and a new media artist whose work has been (dis)played around the world. He holds degrees in sound design (Istanbul Technical University) and multimedia engineering (University of California, Santa Barbara). He currently teaches graduate level courses on electronic music composition and history in Istanbul.

His docARTES doctoral defense took place on December 3, 2014 at Leiden University.


The Cognitive Continuum of Electronic Music


This study utilises a tripartite methodology involving artistic practice, cognitive experimentation and theoretical discourse to investigate the cognitive idiosyncrasies experienced by both the artist and the audience when it comes to the use of the electronic medium to compose music.