Barbara Varassi Pega

1411031755 barbaravarassipega
Started in: 2010
End date: 2014
Musician type: keyboard
University: Leiden University
Personal website: barbaravarassipega
Nationality: Argentina / Italy

Barbara Varassi Pega was born in Rosario, Argentina, where she got her piano degree at Instituto Provincial del Profesorado de Música. In 2000 She won a scholarship to continue her piano studies in Italy, where she obtained a piano degree at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, Milan. In 2009 she completed a Master in Argentinian Tango at “ Codarts”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has been part of several outstanding ensembles such as: Orquesta Juvenil de Tango del IPPM, Orquesta de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and Buenos Aires Tango International Company, Septetoscopio among others, and she has co-directed Baruyo ensemble as pianist and arranger. She has performed in many venues in Argentina and Europe, participating at important festivals and concert seasons. She has also participated in the recording of a double CD, Gotan Project Live by Gotan Project and as soloist with many ensembles and orchestras in Argentina, Italy and The Netherlands.

Her docARTES doctoral defense took place on December 11, 2014 at Leiden University.


Creating and re-creating tangos: Artistic processes and innovations in music by Pugliese, Salgán, Piazzolla and Beytelmann


Barbara Varassi Pega digs into the constituent elements of River Plate tango in order to decode how specific musical materials were organized and combined by four outstanding musicians: Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgán, Astor Piazzolla and Gustavo Beytelmann.

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