Bart Vanhecke

1411030430 bart vanhecke 01
Started in: 2009
End date: 2015
Musician type: composer
University: Leuven University
Personal website:
Nationality: Belgium

Bart Vanhecke studied composition with André Laporte and Franco Donatoni. From 2009-2015 he researched the systematisation of atonality and dissonance in amotivic serial composition at the Orpheus Institute and the University of Leuven. In 2010 he received a doctoral research grant from the University of Leuven and he became a doctoral researcher at the ORCiM. His works have been performed by ensembles and soloists such as the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Phœnix Basel, the Belgian National Orchestra, Het Collectief, Walpurgis, the Spectra Ensemble, Jan Michiels, the Danel Quartet and many others.

His docARTES doctoral defense took place on May 5, 2015 at Leuven University.


Elements of an Aesthetic Universe.


The aesthetic universe of an artist is his or her world of aesthetic thought and knowledge. This aesthetic universe may have its own ‘endophysical laws’. The present doctoral research in the arts assesses a compositional technique called Chromatic Interval Group serialism (CIG-serialism), a technique developed by the…

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