Carlo Diaz

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Started in: 2018
Musician type: composer
University: Leiden University
Personal website:
Nationality: United States

Carlo Diaz is a composer, conductor, and concert producer; Artistic Director of the international early+new music ensemble Stile Nu, Production Coordinator for the Chicago-based International Music Foundation, and PhD candidate on the docARTES trajectory at Leiden University and the Orpheus Institute. As composition, curation, interpretation, and historiography, Carlo’s work explores the concept of music as rhetorical oration through the lenses of impossible originality, unattainable authenticity, and the creativity of performance. In 2018 he presents debut concerts of the new baroque orchestra Stile Nu in Amsterdam and Chicago, a world premiere with the symphony orchestra of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in Amsterdam and Utrecht, and a revival of his composition for public pianos in two Chicago parks as part of Make Music Chicago.


Early Music Beyond Authenticity: Interpretation and Composition outside the Work Concept

Started in 2018

'Early Music Beyond authenticity' proposes a new historical mode for Early Music wherein curation, editing, and performance are identified as fundamentally creative activities

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