Johann Vacher

Started in: 2019
Musician type: keyboard
University: Leuven University
Nationality: France

Johann Vacher is a French musician, born in 1989, specialist of music from the 20th century. He enjoys performing unknown masterpieces by major composers and hence offering the audience the opportunity to (re)discover these musics. Johann won the International Piano Competition in Sète (France) in 2008 and the Composition Competition in Cergy-Pontoise (France) the same year. He studied piano and chamber music in the High School of Music of Geneva with Pascal Devoyon, Cedric Pescia and Gabor Takacs-Nagy. He now teaches there sight-reading and instrumental accompaniment and he coordinates contemporary music projects.

Johann is passionate about theatre and interactions between music and other arts. He is an active member of « Ensemble Caravelle », based in Switzerland, which brings music and theatre together in unique performances. Within this ensemble, Johann is musician, comedian and composer at the same time. Along with the violinist Stanislas Gosset (Duo Mercutio), they are the funding members and artistic directors of the Cotentin Chamber Music Festival « Les Fieffés Musiciens », which is held each year in July since 2015.


Amplified piano / Amplified pianist.

Started in 2019

This research will be done from the performers’ perspective, but in collaboration with different composers for experimenting new amplified piano / pianist music.

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