Marlon Titre

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Started in: 2009
End date: 2013
Musician type: composer, stringed instrument
University: Leiden University
Nationality: Aruba

At 18, Marlon became Junior Composer in Residence for the Residence Orchestra. A few years later he won the first prize in the prestiguous Michele Pittaluga guitar competition. At the occassion of her 25-year reign, he played live on television for HM Queen Beatrix. He graduated from the Royal Conservatory with the exceptional grade "10 with disctinction". Since 2010 he is professor for guitar at Fontys University in Tilburg.

Marlon won more than 20 prizes in 6 countries, including First Prizes in the prestiguous Michele Pittaluga International Guitar Competition in Italy, the Dutch Young Music Talent Foundation, the Zwolle International Guitar Festival and the Princess Christina Composition Competition. In 2009 he received the European Juventus Award in Cambrai, France for international outstanding young artists.

His docARTES doctoral defense took place on December 10, 2013 at Leiden University.


Thinking through the Guitar: The Sound-Cell-Texture Chain.


Although the guitar has been part of the classical music tradition for centuries, writing for the guitar remains a formidable challenge for many composers. Where orchestral instruments have a long history of scoring guides that help composers develop their craft, the number of studies dedicated to guitar scoring…