Intro year (1)

The introductory year aims at letting you and your peer students act as a proto-research group in addition to the work you engage in with your individual supervising team.

It consists of 8 monthly sessions of 2-3 days. Eight modules will allow you to interact with fellow students and senior artist-researchers:

  • The modules Collegium, Coaching, and Source Readings take the individual student projects as their point of departure. By means of presentation and collective and expert feedback, a Q&A forum for research-related questions and insights emerges that is directly related to the furtherment of the research projects.
  • On a more generic and meta-level, the Reflection, Experimentation, and Information modules represent in an archetypical way the dimensions that characterize every artistic research project. Thinking (through music), creating (by means of experimentation) and exploring (cross-disciplinarily) the vast territory of knowledge and information production present particular and daunting challenges but also creative and exciting opportunities. The sessions are chaired by members of the docARTES teaching staff.
  • To assist the junior researchers gaining proficiency in the more practical skills at the basis of every artistic research project, the Tools & Techniques module zooms in on aspects such as writing, presenting, organizing information and methodology. Coached projects (the Individual Writing Project) and research events organized by the Orpheus Institute (Orpheus Doctoral Conference) are integrated in the docARTES sessions and allow for the implementation of these skills.
  • Finally, the Colloquium introduces “best practice” proponents in the research field presented by invited guests.

Independently of the session structure, coached projects on individual and collaborative writing and organizing are set up during the season and research events organized by the Orpheus Institute and its Research Centre are integrated in these intro sessions. Attendance is compulsory.