Arte de Contrapunto.

This research project aims to revive the Renaissance practice of improvised counterpoint.
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Vicente Parrilla

Keywords: improvisation, counterpoint, memory, renaissance, diminutions
Duration: Started in 2019
Period: 16th century music
Musician type: wind
Host institution: Leuven University

'Arte de Contrapunto' aims to revive the Renaissance practice of improvised counterpoint. The basis will be a close study of ms. Paris, BnF, Esp. 219, a treatise allegedly written by Vicente Lusitano. Vicente will examine and learn the numerous contrapuntal techniques of this source, with the goal of incorporating them into his performances as refined historical skills.

Research rooted in practice will help Vicente to present his artistic output on CD recordings featuring improvised counterpoint. Ultimately, he will be able to bring the results of his research onto the postmodern concert stage at the highest possible artistic level.

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