Informed Phrasing

Informed Phrasing will suggest a new way to incorporate analytical findings into musical performance.
1529659753 nadav katan

Nadav Katan

Keywords: analytically informed performance practice, phrasing, schenker analysis, temporal gestalt theory
Duration: Started in 2018
Period: 20th century music
Musician type: keyboard
Host institution: Antwerp University

Focusing on phrasing, as one of the most important aspects of musical performance, the research will explore the influence of both the Schenkerian method of music analysis and the Temporal Gestalt Theory on the human perception of the phrase and subsequently, on the performance of the phrase. The general adjustment of musical performance according to a Schenkerian view on a piece of music has been discussed already by Heinrich Schenker himself, and later on by his successors. Nonetheless, the possibility and benefits of integrating the Temporal Gestalt Perception in this 'Schenkerian informed practice', so to say, is almost entirely unexplored. For that intent, my research will include side by side, the theoretical approach and the practical experience.