Structural and Expressive Functions of Flexible Treatment of Musical Time, in the Performance of 19th Century Music.

This research will focus on the relationship between the musical structure and musical time in the performance of 19th century music.
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Stefan Petrovic

Keywords: musical time, structure, expression, tempo modification, expressive timing, piano
Duration: Started in 2009
Period: 19th century music
Musician type: keyboard
Host institution: Leiden University

Its particular aims are to investigate the expressive and structural functions of flexibility of musical time; the role that musical time plays in articulating musical structure and the relationship between the expressive possibilities of musical time and musical structure.

This research will use a multi-layered approach of gathering information: analysis of recordings, analysis of musical works, comparative analysis of both; that will form the basis for investigation of various interpretative procedures. The central part of the investigation will be implementation of the observed practices and reevaluation of their effects through my own artistic practice.

Prof. Frans de Ruiter (promotor), Naum Grubert (co-promotor), Ellen Corver (co-promotor), Vincent Meelberg (co-promotor), Darla Crispin (co-promotor)