Doctoraatsverdediging Juan Parra Cancino

Geplaatst op 02 Dec 2014

2 december 2014 (16u15)
Academiegebouw, Rapenburg 73, Leiden, Nederland

Op dinsdag 2 december 2014 verdedigde Juan Parra Cancino zijn doctoraat Towards a Performance Practice in Computer Music aan de Universiteit Leiden.

The exposition of this thesis takes advantage of the virtual platform provided by the research catalogue (, which enables the presentation of contexts, processes, results and reflections of the research conducted in both the more traditional written form, as well as in the audio visual domain. In doing so, the invitation is for a de-hierarchisation of the modes of presentation of traditional academic research and for the engagement in a more integral reading (and listening, and seeing) of the whole body of research.

The supervising team consists of:

Prof. Frans de Ruiter (1ste promotor), Universiteit Leiden
Prof. Richard Barrett (2de promotor), Instituut voor Sonologie, Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag
Dr. Marcel Cobussen (co-promotor), Universiteit Leiden