Edoardo Valorz

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Started in: 2014
Musician type: keyboard
University: Leiden University
Nationality: Italy

Edoardo Valorz is harpsichordist and organist. Born in Italy, he studied organ with Wijnand van de Pol. After classical studies he attended musicological courses and started harpsichord studies with Patrizia Marisaldi in Vicenza, where he got the Bachelor degree. He followed also harpsichord courses by Luca Guglielmi, and by Michael Radulescu and Gerhard Gnann for the organ. He played in several concerts not only in Europe (Utrecht Oude Muziek and Seoul Early Music Festival among others), as soloist both on organ and on harpsichord, and with baroque orchestras and ensembles. He played under the leading of conductors such as Ton Koopman, Christopher Hogwood, Bart Kuijken, Peter van Heygen and Alfredo Bernardini.

He was awarded (3rd prize for Basso Continuo) in 2007 at the Pesaro Harpsichord Competition "G. Gambi". He has been for ten years organist at the Church of S. Domenico of Fiesole (Florence). He got the bachelor and master degrees at Den Haag Conservatorium, student of Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot for the harpsichord and of Patrik Ayrton for the continuo.


The Pronunciation of Music: A Matter of Expression.

Started in 2014

The aim of this research is to define the relationship between sources of articulation for different kinds of instrument in the period between the beginning of XVI century (first extant indications) and the end of XVIII century.