The Pronunciation of Music: A Matter of Expression.

The aim of this research is to define the relationship between sources of articulation for different kinds of instrument in the period between the beginning of XVI century (first extant indications) and the end of XVIII century.
1413284531 edoardo valorz

Edoardo Valorz

Keywords: harpsichord, organ, technique
Duration: Started in 2014
Period: 16th century music, 17th century music, 18th century music
Musician type: keyboard
Host institution: Leiden University

Keeping keyboard technique (fingering) as main term of comparison, indications in original sources of bowing, tonguing and plucking technique (for strings, winds and plucked instrument) will be analyzed looking for common aspects and analogies, and a shared musical instrumental and vocal language inspired by the pronunciation in rhetoric.

Taking in consideration important organological aspects, sources in exam will be repertoire, printed and manuscript, music treatises and instrumental tutors, automata and mechanic instruments, period statements and quotations.

The questions to be answered concern the fields of both solo harpsichord and chamber music repertoire as well as the musician's personal training and education, and are related to the solution of musical problems starting from the matter of articulation, analyzing how it affects the performance in sound, how many possibilities it can add in expressive choices.

Prof. dr. h.c. Ton Koopman (promotor), prof. Frans de Ruiter (promotor)

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