Marina Liontou-Mochament

Started in: 2013
Musician type: stringed instrument
University: Leiden University
Nationality: Greece

Marina Liontou Mochament (b. 1984, Athens) studied Folk and Traditional Music (Ipirus University, Arta, Greece) and Ottoman Music and Improvisation with Kudsi Erguner at Codarts, University of the Arts (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), where she obtained her Master's with a focus on metric improvisation in makam genres under a grant of the Onassis Scholars Association (Greece), as well as Computer Science (Athens Economic University, Athens). As an ud player and improviser, she has participated in several seminars on ud, makam and improvisation with Yurdal Tokcan, Evgenios Voulgaris, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Harris Lambrakis in Labyrinth Musical Workshop, founded and directed by Ross Daly. Currently, her main research interest is improvisation and composition in contemporary modal music. She is living and working as a performing musician in Istanbul.


Enhancing inspiration

Started in 2013

Aiming to enhance inspiration in improvisation and composition in contemporary modal music, through and towards her artistic practice, this research will first explore in-depth aspects of metric/rhythmic improvisational practices through paradigmatic figures of the 20th century from various modal traditions.

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