Stijn Saveniers

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Started in: 2021
Musician type: strings, conductor
University: Antwerp University
Personal website:
Nationality: Belgium

Stijn Saveniers is a multifaceted conductor, cellist and researcher.

He is the artistic director of his own comic music theatre company, Volksopera Antwerp; as a cellist and regularly as a conductor he is a fixed member of the Antwerp based contemporary music ensemble HERMES; and as a doctoral researcher he is connected to the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, the docARTES program at the Orpheus Institute Ghent, and to the Study Centre for Flemish Music, where he collaborated, apart from his ongoing research into musical comedy, in projects on Charles Lecocq, Pierre Suremont, La Malibran and Joseph Ryelandt, i.a.

Saveniers conducted a wide variety of productions: opera, operetta, ballet, symphonic and chamber orchestra repertoire, oratory and contemporary music. Furthermore, he remains active in a number of chamber music formations, is regularly asked for recordings, writes arrangements and orchestrations, and provides for the publication of reductions.


La Grande Bouffe – challenges in the performance of musical comedy

Started in 2021

Humor in the performance of operetta is not limited to the literary dimension of the libretto. The music – or its absence – forms an essential dramaturgical interpretation of the libretto. It proves, however, to be challenging to balance the musical text, the lyrics and the spoken portions of the libretto in such a…

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