Focus years (3)

After the introductory year you will participate in 8 focus or event sessions spread over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year:

  • Focus sessions - aimed at relatively small groups - are practice-based and allow you to choose a session that caters more directly to your personal doctoral project topic than the intro year sessions. The goal is to have you take a step forward in some aspect of your research (from methodological concerns to progress in the writing of the dissertation) during the focus session. The sessions will be curated by one or more experts in the field of the focus.
  • Event sessions are organized by the Orpheus Institute and its Research Centre and integrated in the doctoral curriculum so that both you, senior researchers and other experts can benefit from this unique opportunity to share and exchange artistic research findings within a fertile professional research biotope. Event sessions can include e.g. Orpheus Seminars, Orpheus Doctoral Conference and others.