Crossing Boundaries in Improvised Music.

Although the space for creativity in regard to performance in improvised music is generally assumed to be greater than e.g. in classical music, I would argue it is restricted in many ways. The aim of this research proposal is to examine some major restrictions and to explore possibilities to overcome them.
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Tony Roe


Using my recently established jazz trio called "Tin Men and the Telephone" as a laboratory I will study possibilities to (1) electronically alter the sound of the acoustic instruments, (2) transgress boundaries between music and environmental sounds including audience behavior by incorporating interactive multimedia (3) develop a didactic plan and basic composition rules. Based on these explorations and the study of similar innovations in contemporary / new media arts I intend to develop new methods for performing improvised music that give greater freedom to the performing artists and broaden the perceptual space of the audience.

Walter van de Leur (promotor)