Research projects


This project proposes to explore the different intersections between experimental rock music of the 1960s and 1970s and electroacoustic music, with regard to studio practices and production…
Paulo Dantas explores field recording as an activity that has the potential to create “transaction spaces”.
The research investigates theoretical issues about community radio, collective listening, the socio-political agency of radio as a medium, new media technological development, and artistic…
This research focuses on the investigation of the poetic potentials of negativity through the exploitation of failure in sound based artistic practices
The research project investigates the role of Artificial Intelligence in the artistic practice of a human composer in which AI is used to compose new music
The research explores clarinet and bass clarinet preparation in a technologically up to date context and discusses the consequent transformation of the performer’s perceived and acknowledged identity.
This research project aims at defining humor techniques related to operetta music scores, using three Belgian Belle Époque operettas as case studies, and developing a proposition to operationalize…
This research investigates the dynamic of negotiation artists undergo when embracing programming languages and DIY electronics as objects of inquiry.
This research project explores the ways in which a group of artists collaborate to create a new work, and compile a suggested working method for a co-created opera production, with a focus on…
This research will be done from the performers’ perspective, but in collaboration with different composers for experimenting new amplified piano / pianist music.
This research focusses on site-specific compositional and performance practices of music for organ and electronics and their musical-spatial values.