The amorphous 6-string

The limitations of the electric guitar are also the limitations for the composer. Registers, spectrum, resonance, decay: all musical parameters are questioned in the search for a new and unheard sound on the instrument. This research intends to redefine the limits.
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Aart Strootman

stringed instrument
Keywords: electric guitar, limitations, amorphous 6-string, register, spectrum, resonance, decay
Duration: Started in 2018
Period: 21st century music
Musician type: stringed instrument
Host institution: Leiden University

As the limitations of the electric guitar are also the limitations for the composer, it is not the guitar that should be questioned but the instrumentalist playing it, always willing to accept the challenge together with, or via, a guitar maker. Sonic challenges given by composers can, via the performer, result in a variety of modifications to the instrument. The translation of musical ideas written in the conventional musical notation into constructional recommendations for the instrument makes the guitar a fluid, amorphous actor. The triunity composer-guitarist-guitar builder becomes responsible for the improvement of the in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the instrument.

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