Tussentijdse beoordeling

The interim evaluation after you have finished your first year is the crucial qualifying hurdle, which must be passed in order for you to continue the docARTES curriculum.

You are responsible for organising the interim evaluation; always in close consultation with the contact person of the docARTES host institution and the members of the supervising team. You will have to submit a portfolio and to prepare a presentation (and/or performance) for an evaluation panel. This panel consists of your supervising team and a docARTES staff member.

They will discuss your ideas and current thinking and evaluate the progress you made since the start of your doctoral trajectory. Next to providing feedback, they pronounce a (binding) judgement about the continuation of your research project. This evaluation aims at closely scrutinising the research process before excessive time has been expended in doctoral study.

Resubmission for this interim evaluation is possible only once.

More detailed information about the interim evaluation can be found in the Handbook.