How to blur the boundaries between contemporary Western art music and artistic pop music by the co-creation of intriguing interdisciplinary artistic work.

1531487903 jasmijn lootens

Jasmijn Lootens

Keywords: contemporary music, live electronics, cello performance, audio-visual, spatialisation
Duration: Started in 2018
Period: 21st century music
Musician type: strings
Host institution: Leuven University

Initially the intention of this project was to fulfil the shortage in the repertoire for cello and live electronics, which represent a highly physical and sensual entity as well as an intellectual experience. However, the artistic research is better off when it is embedded in an interdisciplinary context. Therefore, co-creation will be a key process in the creation of artistic work.

This research also questions aspects like spatialisation, virtual reality, visual content in live performance, live electronics and recording techniques.

The outcomes of this artistic research project will be audio-visual performances, artistic artefacts (artwork, music film, installations) and a dissertation.