The 'cello' in the Low Countries: The Instrument and its Practical Use in the 17th and 18th Centuries.

Many researchers and musicians have written about the cello in Italy, France and Germany. However there has not much been written yet about the cello in the Netherlands.
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Elske Tinbergen

stringed instrument
Keywords: cello, barokcello
Duration: 2006-2018
Period: 17th century music, 18th century music
Musician type: stringed instrument
Host institution: Leiden University

Elske Tinbergen's research focuses on the cello in the Netherlands, and investigates the following questions: What name was given to the cello in the concerning centuries (based on written sources)? What did the instrument look like exactly and how was it played (based on images and instruments)? Which music was played? And finally: do these answers differ for the 17th and 18th century?

Prof. dr. h.c. Ton Koopman (promotor), prof. Frans de Ruiter (co-promotor), Viola de Hoog (co-promotor)