Jan Schacher ap­pointed Pro­fes­sor of Music Tech­nol­ogy at the Sibelius Acad­emy

Geplaatst op 13 apr. 2021

Jan Schacher photo Ralph Kuhne

Schacher is a distinguished scholar and teacher. His doctoral degree and publications show an exceptional approach in science, art, and technology. Schacher’s teaching field is wide and includes electroacoustic composition, sound design and performance practices, among other things.

As the professor of Music Technology, Schacher wants to build bridges and expand the Sibelius Academy’s and University of the Arts’ network and international collaboration in the fields of music and media arts, sound arts and sound studies through artistic research.

“I want to enhance the profile of the Music Technology department and further develop connections across artistic disciplines, neighbouring scholarly and scientific domains and social contexts. I believe that the role of artists and musical artist in particular is to engage on a societal level, to provide a space of imagination, listening and encountering the world with all our senses. Music Technology is a means and a practice reflecting our times, yet at the core of every artistic endeavour lies the necessity to create and share experiences that show us what it means to be human”, Schacher states.

The professor of music technology is responsible for the teaching and supervision of doctoral students. He also participates in the teaching and supervision of undergraduate students and in the development of music technology education. He leads, coordinates and participates in research projects with national and international collaborators in the field of music technology, and develops music technology research at the University of the Arts Helsinki in collaboration with the department staff.

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Photo: Ralph Kühne