PhD Concert Carlo Diaz - Artistic Practices of Historical Sound

Geplaatst op 17 jun. 2024

Carlo Diaz PHD Defence
On June 24th at 20h00, Carlo Diaz will present a concert at Huygens’ Hofwyck, Westeinde 2a in Voorburg.

For musicians, fragments present an interesting challenge. On the one hand, they suggest a previously whole form that one might strive to recover. On the other hand, the only way to make music from them is to imagine beyond what’s actually there. No matter one’s strategy, the result is always part historical, part contemporary. This concert and the PhD research of which it forms a part takes this exact phenomenon as its starting point. Using diverse archival notation, but especially materials from the personal collection of John Freeman Milward Dovaston (1782–1854), composer and artistic researcher Carlo Diaz puts forward the results of numerous strategies for making music out of materials bearing the historical weight of damage, loss, or incompletion in such a way that their indeterminate, expectant, and ambiguous qualities shine through our own constant development, impressionability, and change of mind as participants in contemporary musical cultures.

The concert will be performed by:
Lucie Montbessoux, traverso
Emma Williams, violin
Luca Alfonso Rizzello, violin
Ivan Saez Schwartz, viola
Alon Portal, viola da gamba
Aljosja Mietus, harpsichord

There are very limited seats available for the concert. Please register here. Your registration will be confirmed by ACPA within a few days.