Doing research in a professional and international setting

All docARTES sessions take place at the Orpheus Institute (Ghent, Belgium) and are organized in close connection with its Research Centre. At the Orpheus Institute you will find a supportive and inspiring research environment that will take your artistic practice and research project to a higher level.

Orpheus researchers will act as both guest professors and sounding boards, and often involve doctoral researchers in their own post-doc artistic research projects.

In addition to the docARTES sessions, you will be encouraged to participate in the many seminars, performances, study days and conferences hosted by the Orpheus Institute, where you can engage with a diverse group of peers including fellow doctoral students, senior researchers and prominent artistic and academic experts from around the world. In recent years, invited guests at such events have included e.g. Andrew Lawrence-King, Helmut Lachenmann, Leon Fleisher, Murray Perahia, Larry Polansky and Lydia Goehr.