Adilia Yip

1410438892 adilia yip
Gestart in: 2011
Einddatum: 2018
Type musicus: percussie
Universiteit: Universiteit Antwerpen
Persoonlijke website:
Nationaliteit: Hong Kong

Adilia On-ying Yip has obtained the Doctoral in Arts (PhD) title from the University of Antwerp (ARIA) and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp in 2018 with the artistic research project ‘Inventing New Marimba Performance from the West African Balafon Practice.' She is the main investigator of the BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0 project “ReSoXy—Resounding the Musical Heritage of the Xylophone Collection from the Africa Museum, Tervuren (Belgium)”, (2023-26).
Adilia is an alumnus of the docARTES programme (Orpheus institute Ghent) and holds a Master in African Studies from the Ghent University (2020-21).
Born in Hong Kong, Yip is currently living and working in Belgium. Her interdisciplinary projects are crossing the fields of classical, contemporary, and world music, and expanding her artistic language through co-creation and social participation. She is the founder member of the “Method/Art” seminar on artistic research methodology (in collaboration with ARIA-UA since 2019), “Klinken Percussie Festival” and "The Bracket Percussion vzw".

Her docARTES doctoral defense took place on October 31, 2018 at Antwerp University.

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Inventing New Marimba Performance from the African Balafon Music Practice


An artistic inquiry into the influence and the potential of the African music heritage on marimba. This artistic research is situated at the intersection of three domains: the marimba, the West African balafon and the embodied experience of a performer.