Composing for Organ and Electronics: Spaces and Practices.

This research focusses on site-specific compositional and performance practices of music for organ and electronics and their musical-spatial values.
1574930532 michele del prete

Michele Del Prete

componist, toetsen
Trefwoorden: composition, performance practice, organ, electronics, space(s)
Looptijd: Gestart in 2019
Periode: 21ste eeuwse muziek
Type musicus: componist, toetsen
Universiteit: Universiteit Leiden

Michele Del Prete will compose and perform as electronic performer music for organs and electronics particularly focusing on instruments of the Renaissance-Baroque Dutch and North German/Hanseatic School. The compositional output will consist of tape music based on recorded organ sounds, works for organ and live electronics and works for sound environments of multiple organs and electronics. On the occasion of this research he will investigate the relation between organ and electroacoustic music clarifying which are the explicit and implicit references of electroacoustic practices to much older models, outlining an understanding of electronics as contingent, essentially non-reproducible post-digital practice.