This research project proposes a complete methodology concerning the treatment of 18th and 19th century keyboard methods, aiming to enrich our understanding and perspectives of historically informed…
Nowadays music is just a few mouse clicks away and comes to us in many different forms; yet, no matter in which circumstances, it is primarily linked to the auditory stimuli that it consists of.
The research project ‘Practice and Aesthetics of the improvising accordionist in jazz music: An endeavor to the implementation of Free-bass’ aims to rethink the harmonic…
The chief outcome of this research will be current salon performances that are open to unexpected rituals and thus propose an alternative to established concert performances.
This research will be done from the performers’ perspective, but in collaboration with different composers for experimenting new amplified piano / pianist music.
This research focusses on site-specific compositional and performance practices of music for organ and electronics and their musical-spatial values.
'Informed Phrasing' will suggest a new way to incorporate analytical findings into musical performance.
This research aims to capture notions of musical time such as rhythm and tempo as they were conceived in late eighteenth-century, and how these evolved through the nineteenth century.
This study aims to explore problems, which may be summarized under historicity and idiosyncrasy, whereby Prach draws on his double experience as a fortepianist and a composer.