Giovanni Punto (1746-1803), Cor Basse Virtuoso: His Instrument, His Technique, His Music and His Life.

Research on the life and work of Giovanni Punto (1746-1803), hornplayer, composer, conductor, violinist; who traveled Europe as a virtuoso on the horn, performing his own concerti and chamber music as a cor basse (low horn) player.
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Teunis van der Zwart

Trefwoorden: horn, giovanni punto, cor basse
Looptijd: 2014-2023
Type musicus: blazer
Universiteit: Universiteit van Amsterdam

Practice-as-research on the following topics:

  • The cor basse player as soloist.
  • Advantages of the use of a (silver) cor solo.
  • Advantages of the wider mouthpiece that was standard for cor basse players.
  • Use of multiphonics on the (natural) horn.

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Prof. dr. h.c. Ton Koopman (promotor)