Carlos Eduardo Soares (Caeso)

1631781472 caeso photo a ceci lia cabral
Gestart in: 2021
Type musicus: componist, electronica, snaarinstrument
Universiteit: Universiteit Leiden
Nationaliteit: Brazil

Caeso [Carlos Eduardo Soares - Brazil]: musician and sound artist, his creative output is diverse, exploring mediums such as acousmatic music, live electronics, free improvisation and also traditional written composition, besides building sound sculptures, videos and other multimedia artworks. Holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in Music Composition, and is a docARTES PhD candidate on artistic research in music at Orpheus Institute (BE) and Leiden University (NL). His current interests are the poetics of negativity and creative DIY uses in sound based artistic practices. His collaborations with other artists range from soundtracks, sound design and soundscapes to more technical development in digital and analog media. He has been granted a CAPES MUSIC ALIVE! scholarship (2010), a CNPq scholarship for research in Glitch Art (2012/13), a CAPES Master’s scholarship for research about failure as creative feedstock in art (2015/2017), and the prizes Funarte for Classical Composition 2016 and Best Music by the 72H Rio 2014 Film Festival.


The poetics of negativity in sound based artistic practice

Gestart in 2021

This research focuses on the investigation of the poetic potentials of negativity through the exploitation of failure in sound based artistic practices.

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