Materialization of Fixed Media Music: Towards Performance/Interpretation of Fixed Media Electroacoustic Music.

This research essentially concentrates on the realization of fixed media electroacoustic music into aural reality, dealing with issues such as performance, interpretation, reproduction and correlation between compositional aesthetics and the performance situation. Consequently, the critical parameters (artistic and technical) of bringing a piece of fixed media music into sonic reality will be investigated.
1477039211 siamak anvari

Siamak Anvari

Keywords: performance, interpretation, fixed media music, materialization, reproduction
Duration: Started in 2016
Period: 21st century music
Musician type: composer
Host institution: Leiden University

Siamak Anvari investigates how fixed media music has been presented in both past and current practice, especially regarding the influence of technological advances in sound reproduction systems. On the other hand, the impact of presentation circumstances on development of compositional aesthetics in fixed media music will also be investigated.