Knowledge and Creation in Historical Performance Practice.

Johannes Boer's research intends to question the way explicit knowledge is applied in order to restore and perform music from the past with the intention to get as close as possible to its original meaning.
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Johannes Boer

Trefwoorden: historically informed performance practice, viola da gamba, Monteverdi
Looptijd: Gestart in 2014
Periode: 16de eeuwse muziek, 17de eeuwse muziek
Type musicus: strijker
Universiteit: Universiteit Leiden

Inextricable partners in the tacit dimension.

By juxtaposing the historically informed approach of Early Music to new compositions, while collectively writing an opera, it seeks to identify essential similarities of knowledge and creation in both worlds. The Artusi-Monteverdi controversy will lead into the initial investigations, which in the end address issues that exceed the mere clash of musical styles. The intrinsic values of Monteverdi’s compositions are transferred to the present day and declamation serves as a key to this unified musical universe. Throughout the research process, epistemological studies departing from Michael Polanyi’s theory of Personal Knowledge, will be used to clarify the different roles of knowledge. His final goal is to be able to redefine historical performance practice along these lines.

Prof. dr. Frans de Ruiter (promotor)