This research project aims at defining humor techniques related to operetta music scores, using three Belgian Belle Époque operettas as case studies, and developing a proposition to operationalize…
"Chordal Accompanimental Practices on viol from intabulation to realisation" looks at the techniques and influence of chordal and polyphonic accompaniment on viola da gamba in the sixteenth century.
The research project ‘Practice and Aesthetics of the improvising accordionist in jazz music: An endeavor to the implementation of Free-bass’ aims to rethink the harmonic…
The chief outcome of this research will be current salon performances that are open to unexpected rituals and thus propose an alternative to established concert performances.
This research investigates the dynamic of negotiation artists undergo when embracing programming languages and DIY electronics as objects of inquiry.
This research project explores the ways in which a group of artists collaborate to create a new work, and compile a suggested working method for a co-created opera production, with a focus on…
This research will be done from the performers’ perspective, but in collaboration with different composers for experimenting new amplified piano / pianist music.
This research focusses on site-specific compositional and performance practices of music for organ and electronics and their musical-spatial values.
This research project aims to revive the Renaissance practice of improvised counterpoint.
'Informed Phrasing' will suggest a new way to incorporate analytical findings into musical performance.
This research project will aim at shedding some light on cello performance practice in late-nineteenth-century France by placing the spotlight on one of the most prominent cellists of the period:…

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