Playing Schumann Again for the First Time.

This artistic research project exposes Robert Mitchell's attempts to layer musical materials from the core of the classical piano repertoire - in this case, materials from scores and sketches of Robert Schumann - to create ever increasingly larger spaces in which improvisatory practice at the piano can take place.
1493892870 bobby mitchell copyright jiyang chen aug 2016

Bobby Mitchell

Trefwoorden: improvisation, piano, schumann
Looptijd: Gestart in 2013
Periode: 19de eeuwse muziek, 21ste eeuwse muziek
Type musicus: toetsen
Universiteit: Universiteit Leiden

The research constists of the following steps:

Step 1: Choose strands of musical materials: melodies, harmonic patterns, figurative patterns, etc.

Step 2: Layer these pieces of 'debris' in unforeseen ways and realize the result through pianistic practice.

Step 3: Evaluate the sounding results and repeat the process with a conscious awareness of processing musical materials in a way that increasingly bears my own sonic signature.

Prof. Frans de Ruiter (promotor), Marcel Cobussen (promotor), Rudolf Lutz